Issue 3—April 2008

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Award Modernisation 

Information designed to assist those involved in the recently begun award modernisation process is now available through a dedicated section on the AIRC website.

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Commissioner to Oversee Visa Review 

The Australian Government on 14 April 2008 appointed Commissioner Barbara Deegan to oversee a review of the temporary skilled migration program (subclass 457 visas).

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Panel Changes 

The panel system—used by the AIRC to administer its case load—has seen a number of significant changes in recent months.

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Senior Deputy President Marsh Retires 

One of the AIRC's most experienced members, Senior Deputy President Jan Marsh, retired on 21 March 2008 after almost two decades with the tribunal.

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Decisions by Subject 

The Decisions by Subject list, a regular feature of AIRC News, is now updated to 4 April 2008. The list features AIRC decisions dating back to 1 July 2007—with hyperlinks to the actual decisions.

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Archives Exhibitions 

The Sir Richard Kirby Archives exhibition Alternative Dispute Resolution and the AIRC—originally presented at the AIRC’s international dispute resolution conference in October 2007—is now on display in Melbourne. A Day in the Life of the AIRC is now on display in Sydney.

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Did you know?


The annual reports of the AIRC and the Australian Industrial Registry, dating back to 1997–98, are available online through the AIRC website.

Annual reports, which comprise an important historical record of the work of the AIRC and its Registry, include caseload statistics, significant case summaries and financial statements.

The 2006–07 annual reports were tabled in the Australian Parliament on 20 December 2007.



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