Issue 4—August 2008

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Award Modernisation 

The Australian Industrial Relations Commission has begun consultations in the industries and occupations given priority status in the award modernisation process.

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Wages and Allowances Review 2008 

The Wages and Allowances Review 2008 is listed for hearing before a five-member Full Bench of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission this month.

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Cambodian Internships with AIRC 

An arbitrator and a senior administrator dealing with collective labour disputes in Cambodia have completed internships with the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

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Former Commissioners 

Three former members of the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, or one of its predecessors, recently passed away.

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Decisions by Subject 

The Decisions by Subject list, a regular feature of AIRC News, is now updated to 1 August 2008. The list features AIRC decisions dating back to 1 July 2007—with hyperlinks to the actual decisions.

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Unfair and Unlawful Dismissal 

On 1 July 2008 new remuneration and compensation limits took effect for unfair and some unlawful dismissal applications under the Workplace Relations Act 1996. There was also an increase in the lodgment fee for dismissal applications.

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Did you know?


A video information package providing an overview of the conciliation process in unfair and unlawful dismissal cases is available online through the AIRC website.

The package comprises a 15-minute video presentation and a 12-page booklet. It is designed to assist those involved in termination of employment cases who are unfamiliar with the workings of the AIRC.

The package is also available in a DVD format for the video presentation and a printed booklet. For copies contact the AIRC Information Line on 1300 799 675.



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