Quick facts about the transition to FWA

Detailed information about the transition to Fair Work Australia (FWA) is available on the new FWA website. Regular users of Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) services can find here some quick facts about the changes as at 1 July 2009.

What are the key changes affecting users?

  • The Fair Work Act 2009 replaces the Workplace Relations Act 1996 as the principal legislation underpinning Australia's national workplace relations system.
  • Australian Industrial Relations Commission offices become Fair Work Australia offices.
  • The new tribunal has a new website – www.fwa.gov.au.
  • AIRC email addresses change to the format – name@fwa.gov.au.
  • Users of tribunal services will be required to use new FWA forms.

What remains the same?

  • The tribunal's offices remain in the same locations – in every State and Territory capital city.
  • Phone numbers do not change.
  • The AIRC website will continue until 31 December 2009 but most of its contents will be transferred to the new FWA website.
  • Existing AIRC members have been appointed to Fair Work Australia.


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